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Honda Service Plan


Wouldn’t it make life simpler if the costs of maintaining your bike were taken care of? With a Honda Service Plan they can be. 

We offer Genuine Honda Service plans, designed for new Honda motorcycles and scooters, to maintain them in line with the Honda manufacturer's service schedule. A one-off, inflation-proof payment will see your Honda motorcycle through its first 3 services and to make things even simpler, we have seperated our models into 3 price bands based on engine capacity.

The prices are fixed, so you know excatly how much you will be paying in advance, leaving you to get on with enjoying your bike.

Our staff who are technically proficient, experienced, properly trained and passionate about passenger safety. We pride ourselves in delivering excellent customer service. This is why our customers trust us... 



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Terms and Conditions: The Service Plan can be purchased in advance by a single one off payment. This is a promotion run by Honda Motor Europe Limited trading as Honda (UK). The customer may, subject to payment for the services being received in full, transfer their rights and obligations under this agreement to a subsequent owner of the motorcycle provided that they give written notice of the transfer within 30 days of the transfer stating the name and address of the subsequent owner and the date of the transfer. A non-refundable initial setup fee of £24 (including VAT) is included in the total plan price. Terms and conditions with exclusions apply. Only servicing work and components specifically listed in the plan are covered. Parts which can be expected to wear as part of their normal function, such as tyres, brake pads and bulbs etc are excluded. For full terms and conditions (together with exclusions) please visit